Monthly Archives: December 2017

Take A Plunge on New Year’s Day

Are you looking for a unique way to welcome the new year? You can join friends (or make new friends) by attending the 32nd annual Del Mar Lifeguard Penguin Plunge. You must be brave and wear your bathing suit (no wet suits allowed) to make the dash into the ocean. If you prefer, you can… Read more »

Secret Smile Helper: Your Gums!

Now that presents are unwrapped and the office Secret Santas have revealed themselves, you might think everything is out in the open. Your smile has an often-overlooked helper: your gums. When gums are healthy, and in attractive proportion to the size of your teeth and lips, they provide a beautiful frame for your smile. Healthy… Read more »

Holiday Stress and Your Teeth: A Quiz

The holidays can be a special time for family, friends and relaxing fun. Along with delicious food, time off work, and and beautiful holiday lights can come a certain amount of stress. This is a good time for long walks, taking care of yourself, and getting enough rest. Holiday stress can have an effect on… Read more »

Invisalign: Stop Stains Before They Happen

In case you thought your Invisalign treatment aligners were completely immune to discoloration, it’s time to think again: They can become discolored. Since the whole point of them being thin and clear is, essentially, the fact that you cannot see them, you’re probably not too excited about potentially ending up with yellowed trays that will… Read more »

Circus Vargas

What on earth will you do once Christmas is over, your New Year’s Eve festivities have come to an end, and you still want to have some fun? Well, did you know that Circus Vargas will be in town? Yep! It’s sure to delight every member of the family, so the magic of the holidays… Read more »

Coffee: Answering 3 Pressing Questions

So, you love your morning cup of coffee but you worry it is going to prove quite dangerous for your oral health one day. Then again, maybe you also enjoy your afternoon and evening cup of coffee, too! As you may have guessed, this is not an issue that’s necessarily “all good” or “all bad”… Read more »

Quick Fixes When Christmas Is Here!

So, you don’t have time to come in for a teeth whitening treatment. You haven’t made it in for a dental visit to address your bad breath. However, you wake up, it’s Christmas Eve morning, and you aren’t sure what to do to try to make things a little bit better, so you can squeak… Read more »

Adults: Why Bother Aligning My Smile?

Do you spend time thinking about how amazing Invisalign treatment might be because it could make your smile so much prettier? However, do you then wonder if you were to look for any other very good and convincing reasons to straighten out your teeth if you would actually find any? Just a bit of digging… Read more »

Preventive Care: Resolutions For 2018

What is it that you were thinking would benefit your smile for the coming year? Are you feeling like it’s all about getting back to the essentials in order to feel confident about your dental health? Would you say that if you could get your preventive care in order, that would be a truly wonderful… Read more »