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3 Specific Things Tooth-Colored Fillings Fix

In a general sense, tooth-colored fillings are often more beneficial for treating cavities than more traditional metal ones. However, those benefits are even more clear when you look at the specific areas in which they commonly outperform other solutions. At our Del Mar, CA, dental office, we prefer placing tooth-colored fillings because of those specific… Read more »

Art With A View In Del Mar

Farmer’s markets are all about fresh food, local goodies, browsing through booths of tender leafy greens and crisp apples… and art!  At Art With A View the regular Saturday Farmer’s Market will be held in the morning, and you can spend the afternoon browsing through a variety of handmade art pieces. Cast your eye on… Read more »

Chapped Lips: Causes and Care

Do you look at this winter scene and think “I’ll never get chapped lips, because we don’t get that kind of weather in DelMar, CA?” And yet, you licked your lips and noticed they are rough and perhaps uncomfortable? While cold weather can contribute to lip discomfort, there are other causes, and other ways you… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions…For Your Teeth!

Starting the new year marks a time to reconsider old behaviors, and maybe look at replacing them with ones that give more benefit. After you’ve made some personal resolutions, your Delmar, CA dentist is standing by with some resolution suggestions that will benefit your teeth. And although most resolutions don’t last beyond a few weeks… Read more »

Why Treat Bruxism Disorder Right Away In 2019?

What’s on your list of resolutions for the new year? If treating your bruxism disorder isn’t on there yet, it really should be. Why does our Del Mar, CA team feel so strongly about this? Well, we’d like to give you some reasons to think over if you aren’t already feeling compelled by the details…. Read more »

Making Smile Mistakes? Fix Them In 2019!

Are you making mistakes with your smile care? You may be shaking your head from side to side but in your mind, you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, maybe just a few.” Our Del Mar, CA team reminds you that even just two or three mistakes that you’re making on a consistent basis can lead to… Read more »

Del Mar Lifeguard Penguin Plunge 2019

What to do after you’ve stayed up late, welcomed in the new year on New Year’s Eve, and the party is over? Stay home and hang out in your jammies? Hmm…how about attending the annual Del Mar Lifeguard Penguin Plunge? It’s a chance to laugh, put on your swimsuit in weather that is certainly not… Read more »

Helping A Friend Or Loved One Recognize TMJ Disorder!

Most of the time, when it comes to possible oral health issues, you’re completely focused on yourself. However, what happens when you recognize an obvious issue with someone else’s smile but you’re not really sure how to proceed? Today, our Del Mar, CA team covers some ways you can help a loved one recognize TMJ… Read more »

Protect Your Smile By Setting Limits

In order to protect your smile health, one of the things than can greatly benefit you is to learn to set limits! What types of limits, you ask? Why, funny you should bring that up … our Del Mar, CA team just happens to have some very easy examples ready to explain to you! Of… Read more »

Q&A: Revising Your Dental Care Game In 2019

What have you realized about your dental care as you look through your efforts in 2018? Do you think that you’ve done your absolute best and would like to completely replicate your approach in 2019? Or, do you feel a bit relieved about the new year because it gives you the opportunity to do better?… Read more »