Reasons To Stop Snacking In Bed!

If you have a habit of snacking in bed, raise your hand! Is your hand raised? If so, first, remember that you are far from the only person in the world who loves getting into bed, curling up under the covers, turning on the television or opening a book, and then munching on your favorite snack before falling asleep! However, though it may be common, it is definitely not good for your oral health! Consider stopping, as our Del Mar, CA team provides you with some very compelling reasons to do so!

It’s Technically A Choking Hazard!

We are guessing that you probably don’t usually fall asleep after you take a bite of something yummy in bed. However, it’s possible! So, why not completely remove the potential for a choking hazard from your bedtime experience by simply not snacking once you get into bed? It’s most definitely worth the sacrifice (and helps protect your oral health in the meantime)!

Hidden Caffeine Can Interrupt Sleep

Now, we remind you of something that patients often overlook completely. You might be snacking on something that you don’t even realize contains caffeine. It could be chocolate candy. It might be hot cocoa or some other drink. It may be decaf coffee (that still has some caffeine in it!). Sometimes it’s in ice cream! Just remember that if you’re accidentally consuming caffeine in bed, this won’t help you with your sleep apnea or snoring (because it will make it harder to go to sleep, which makes it impossible to stay sleeping). Skip snacking in bed!

It’s Bad For Your Smile

As mentioned, when you snack when you get into bed, it’s bad news for your oral health. Your teeth get coated in food particles. Any sugary, carby particles feed the bacteria in your mouth, which will lead to all sorts of problems like cavities, the development of gum disease, and more. The better choice? Brush (and floss), get into bed, and go to sleep! (Note: Water is the one exception!).

It Can Make Adhering To Dental Hygiene More Difficult

Now, don’t forget that if you tend to get into bed and snack but you’re someone who really does try to remain committed to dental hygiene, snacking makes things harder. It means you have to get up to brush and floss. However, you might feel tired. Sometimes, you might even just give in and go to sleep. Avoid this by completing smile care and then hopping under the covers!

Get On Track With Our Hygiene Tips!

Remember that we happen to be quite full of suggestions for just about every aspect of your oral health care experience! When you’re having trouble with getting dental hygiene squared away, just give us the word and we’ll help! To schedule an appointment with Nolan Bellisario, DMD and Todd Pizzi, DDS, call our dental office in Del Mar, California, today at 858-755-0187.