Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy, or RCT

Tooth decay is the most common dental issue to affect patients of all ages, and when the condition grows too severe for a tooth filling, it can threaten the tooth’s existence. In severe cases, an internally infected tooth can even pose a threat to the rest of your dental health. Root canal therapy is a more involved process than a tooth filling and entails cleaning away infected tissues from the inside of the tooth’s pulp (the center of the tooth). After the infection is removed, we will seal the tooth’s root canals and interior pulp chamber to strengthen the tooth and prevent further infection. For additional protection, we might also place a custom-made dental crown over the treated tooth.

If your tooth decay has progressed too far for a tooth filling to address it, then learn if root canal therapy can save your tooth and help you avoid having to extract it. To schedule a consultation and exam, call our dental office in Del Mar, California, today at 858-755-0187.