Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant-Supported Replacement Teeth

The visual effects of tooth loss can be daunting to one’s self esteem, but the appearance of your smile isn’t the only thing affected. Tooth loss can negatively impact your ability to process food and speak clearly. Also, the loss of teeth roots can cause your jawbone to gradually weaken, which can increase your risks of tooth loss in the future. With a bridge or denture, you can solve many of the problems associated with tooth loss, but by supporting your prosthetic on one or more dental implants, you can more successfully preserve your smile. Implants are the only option that replaces lost teeth roots within the jawbone, supporting your replacement teeth with unmatched comfort and stability while also stimulating the jawbone to remain strong and healthy.

If you’ve experienced tooth loss and would like the most compreehensive and lifelike replacement option, then your dentist can determne if you’re a good candidate for a dental implant-supported prosthesis. To schedule a consultation, call our dental office in Del Mar, California, today at 858-755-0187.