Start Thinking About Back To School…Now!

When you have our Del Mar, CA team telling you to start thinking about back-to-school time just as summer is getting going and your kids are done with school for the season, you may wonder if there’s been some mistake. However, we reassure you: There hasn’t been! As a matter of fact, though this may seem like a counterintuitive way to practice your dental care and to run your life in general, the opposite is true when it comes to smile protection! Consider some things you should take care of as soon as you possibly can, so you’re completely ready and relaxed when summer winds down and it’s time for school once again!

Back To School Visits: Schedule Today, Not Later

You might be the type of parent who simply likes to have your children receive dental checkups and cleanings right before school starts because it’s a nice way to start the year off right! Or, your school may require your children to receive them before school is back in session. Whatever the case, we remind you that your child’s school is full of other children with the same requirements (or other parents with the same ideas). Do yourself a big favor and set up your child’s end-of-summer dental care visit now, locking in the date you prefer, so you don’t find yourself scrambling at the end of the season!

Remember, A Summer Is Enough Time For Damage

Now, we encourage you to also consider the fact that just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s time for lax care. Sure, it’s easy to let dental care fall on the back burner when you’re having more fun that you can handle! Unfortunately, it’s all too common that patients assume they can let kids go to bed without brushing (and do the same themselves) when summer schedules become extra relaxed. Don’t forget to have a conversation with yourself at the beginning of summer, so during those back-to-school dental visits, we can tell you what a great job you’ve done (rather than informing you that you and your kids need lots of restorative care)!

Plan Extra Treatments During Summer Break!

As summer gets going, you may reflect on dental care that you’d like to provide for your kiddos throughout this warmer season. Maybe you’ve meant to follow through on fillings, sealants, or getting going with orthodontic care. Whatever the case, start early. It gives you plenty of time to see us, complete treatments, and for your kids to get used to any changes (like braces) well before that first bell rings!

Make The Best Use Of Your Summer

Remember to take advantage of any time that you or your children have off over the summer season, so you can keep your smiles in exceptional condition and so you may create an easy back-to-school experience! To schedule an appointment with Nolan Bellisario, DMD and Todd Pizzi, DDS, call our dental office in Del Mar, California, today at 858-755-0187.