Your Smile: Problems That Prove Very Confusing!

There are some obvious problems that can affect your smile, leading you to feeling instantly resolved about how to respond. However, along the way, throughout your lifelong journey with dental care, you may have realized that there are also those issues that show up that can be very confusing. “Is it just me?” you might ask yourself. “Am I missing something?” The truth is, our Del Mar, CA team can verify that you’re correct (and it’s not just you)! Some smile problems are a bit more complicated to decode. To make it easy, come in for twice-annual visits and we can keep you updated on everything happening with your smile. For now, some examples…

Craze Lines? Very Confusing.

Craze lines can most certainly cause a lot of confusion. What you already know about your smile is that when you see a crack of any kind, it can mean bad news for your tooth! Cracks open dental tissue up, allowing bacteria in! So, what do you do, you wonder? Well, when in doubt, come in to see our team. In addition, learn more about this esthetic problem: It’s a very thin fissure that’s usually something you can only see up close in certain lighting (or, you’ll see it if it’s stained). To address it? You only need cosmetic dental care (if you feel so compelled!). It won’t hurt your oral health.

Tori? What’s That Even Mean?

Have you noticed that you have some sort of growths under your tongue? On the cheek-side of the gums over your upper teeth? Remember that though you may feel frantic when you notice a hard protrusion, it’s often just a torus (or, plural, tori). It’s a bony growth that is perfectly harmless. Of course, it’s a good idea to have us check it out but generally speaking, it’s not a problem.

Symptoms But No Obvious Issue? Confusing.

Yep, it’s true. Problems like bruxism disorder (chronic teeth clenching and grinding) or sleep apnea (a nightly sleep disorder, during which you stop breathing over and over throughout the night), often come with strange symptoms that are hard to read! This can cause confusion. The good news? We can help monitor you for everything, when you come in for your twice-annual preventive visits!

Cavity Diagnosis Without Pain? Confusing.

No pain but you end up requiring a dental filling anyway? Remember that the very early development of problems requiring restorative dental care may not include pain. Consider yourself lucky! It’s a good thing when we can treat issues before they are serious enough to be uncomfortable.

Gain Helpful Smile Care Insight

Come in and let us know when you find certain areas of care confusing or if you just are not sure what’s going on with your smile. Remember that we will always be happy to offer you clarity when you need it! To schedule an appointment with Nolan Bellisario, DMD and Todd Pizzi, DDS, call our dental office in Del Mar, California, today at 858-755-0187.